Saturday, November 21, 2009

Justin Nozuka

wassup people?today i spent my whole day by doing nothing,apparently the idea of commuting really makes me exhausted.Appart from that, i found this AMAZING singer name Justin Nozuka.The first time i heard his voice i was surprisingly thrilled and shivered.He has a VERY good voice,trust me.Below is the screenshoot of his Album "Holly".

and btw today i finally able to download some applications into my iPhone,thanks to Fonny surely.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The 1:15 AM Post

So today i supposed to buy a new jacket for myself, but out of my expectation the jacket that i craved for is beyond the limits of my allowance can afford for. Disgruntled by the fact that i have to face, i went to look another listed things that i want. Ended up with pleasuring myself by bought a tripod yeaaay... I finally can supply all the needs for my photography addiction. Satisfied by a tripod on my hand, i continue to practice all my new photography supplies that i bought. Born from the Hedonism the two photos above....

As usual, Comments and Critiques are welcome....

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I went to PIM last night with some of my university friends. It was a VERY good nite, had so much laughs about many things, especially about the RANDOM QUOTES that spitted out of everyone's mouth except me. So here some of the photos from last night and the RANDOM QUOTES.

Left to Right : Maria, Fonny, Uti, and Me

All the Sushi that we ate that night.

Fonny : "ITB is The Second Best University in The Worl."

Uti : "Kadang,Gue Pengen Deh Jadi Cowok. Soalnya Baju Cowok ZARA Lucu-Lucu."

Maria : "What Type of Catholic Are We ? ."

And Here it is, The Best Random Quote of The Month

Eliz : "Sometimes, When I Want to Move But I Can't, and I Hear Voices Too at The Same Time, It Is NORMAL."

Monday, November 2, 2009

Another Elize and Maria

So i bumped into this picture in my iPhoto , at first i felt this photo is inadequate, but then again when i oversaw it,i felt that this photo is not that bad. Then i ended up edit this photo.

This photo was taken in Kota Tua, Jakarta, but it wasn't me who took this photo, it was a friend of mine, Dea. We've been hunting photo quite alot.
So i turned out quite love this picture, i can feel the warmth of the sisters, not only that the expressions are simple yet bold. And what do you guys think? comments and critiques are pleased....