Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Yes , the wall that i've been holding long enough finally it's tremble. Gak tau kenapa gue berasa hari ini sangat menyedihkan dan melelahkan. It all started when i ditched my brother pre-wed photo shoot and went for attend this stupid class which sadly turned up into HELL. I'm freaking nervous about facing this mid-term thingy , and plus today when i fell into the deepest hole and i was in need of a friend , none of them were there. Yup i finally yelled at the deepest of my heart "I NEED MY HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS SOO BADLY ." I need a friend like what i used to have , friends where i could tell anything and always there when i need them so badly. Right now i feel like i'm all alone in here , all i have right now is my safety little box. I hope i wont have another day like today in a couple of months , at least until the second semester. Hope tomorrow will be better than today..............................

Monday, September 28, 2009


Priessca Sierranova

Well this is one of my photo hunting during my precious holiday(though only a week). My plan was having a photo on the busway bridge in front of Plaza Semanggi , but unexpectedly the bridge can only be accessed from the busway station. So in alternative i took the photo on a stair in front of Plaza Semanggi. So here's some of the pics that i took , enjoy guys.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Third day of Lebaran

Okay first of all,i read an email from my senior regarding the IHL moot competition. She wrote that she wants to be updated about the IHL compromis thingy , also she wants to have the timeline up dated . Yea , i finally joined a moot competition , the name of the competition isInternational Humanitarian Law . I feel proud to myself though this ain't as big as the other competitions my friends enrolled , but at the other hand i take it as a very obnoxious thing . The busy busy time that i'm gonna thourgh , and the pressure that i'm gonna bear are my concern . At first when i was informed i refuse to join but then the senior forced me and yup here i am . Now i'm totally regretting this , i haven't prepared myself to be busy busy , but nothing can i do now because i'm already commited to join this and i don't want to be called as a coward for escape before even started .


Anyway , today i went to PIM which i've been sporadically visited . I went there with couple of friends , we ate at Sushi Tei the best sushi restaurant ever , haha . We also had some chitchat since we haven't meet each other for a while . After Sushi Tei-ing , we went to karaoke which totally lovely . Here's some pictures from today meeting :

Worst sushi ever , don't ever try this one!!

Me singing Michael Buble - Save the Last Dance . Great song indeed

Me with Gabby , totally miss the moment in high school where
we used to have a chat alot

From left to right : Poppy , Dila , and Me

Monday, September 21, 2009


First of all i want to say :

Okay those photos above were again taken and edited by :ME . But the cookies weren't made by me, since i don't get along with kitchens and it companies , the cookies were given by my auntie she baked this all by herself i suppose . Yesterday was lebaran day , after a month fasting lebaran is like a day to revenge for not eating from dusk till dawn (or it's just me who have a thought like this) .Me and my family were pray at Masjid At-tin as usual , but the diffrent was my big brother didn't come for lebaran due to his duty as a Police Officer in Medan , shame for him , lol . But anyway like the previous years my mom did another Open House thingy which made all the maids in the house overwhelmed . We had soto , and bakso for the foods not like other family who served opor and ketupat , my mom thinks that opor and ketupat are already lame for lebaran food , haha yea rite mom . Speaking of open house yep , yesterday there were many of my siblings came to my house and yea we did silaturahmi since it was a sporadic moment to meet almost all the family members at the same time . It was really fun and tiring though...
As for my second day,it went just like another holiday . Me and some members of my family went to eat sushi at Poke Sushi in Crown Plaza Hotel at first , but disappointedly the restaurant was closed due to lebaran , then after we found out about it me decided to go to Gran Melia Hotel to eat there , and thank o God the restaurant was open as it is . I had sushi , sashimi , potato mashed , grilled beef , hainan rice and duck , lamb as my main course (yes i eat alot!) . Then i continued tiramisu , brownise , crepe with ice creams as my dessert , which totally a bliss ! . After filled my tummy with alotta amo we headed back home .

Sunday, September 20, 2009


All pictures above were taken and edited by : ME and the model : WYNNE .
The location of the photos was in front of Times Bookstore at Karawaci.I didnt use any extra lighting, i only used a light streak from the street lamp behind the model.The Camera that i used was my Canon Digital EOS 450D with wide lens 18-55mm i suppose.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


It has been awhile since i posted last time,btw i want to say sorry first for not posting the "ospek part two"due to the some of the pics are lost T_T.But anyway,how ar u guy doin?my uni life is getting hectic than ever,seriously im about to move to the basecamp for a mootcourt competition on Desember,but rite after mid-term test i gotta move there,the major reason why we gotta move is because we need like 23 hours a day to discuss the issue and one hour to sleep,supreme BLAH isn't it?.So regarding that hecticness i decided to have a photoshoot,and here some of the pics.

Those picts above were taken by me and the model was Uti a girl from the School of Manegment majority Manegement from UPH also.