Monday, February 1, 2010

Bokeh Photography

Bokeh is one of the Photography technique that now become popular again. The reason why it become popular again nowadays is because it's colorful and beautiful. Most of the Bokeh is resulted from out-of-focus photograph of lights or lamps, but it also give a nice warm effect as background of an object regardless human or still live object. If you want to make Bokeh you can use macro lens type, which specialized on giving beautiful out-of-focus, telephoto lens also able to make Bokeh but not as beautiful as macro lens can does. But, if you cannot afford neither both of the lenses, you may use a 55mm lens which very affordable yet provide you with amazing aperture. Below are some of my Bokeh Photography that i took by myself.

Bokeh of street lights and lamps.

As i have mentioned above, Bokeh also give remarkable scene for background of an object regardless human or still life object. Below are the photograph that i took using Bokeh technique as background of an object :

Bokeh of street lights act as a background for still life object, in this case is Food.

Bokeh of tress in the daylight scene act as background of the model.

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