Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Burberry - Art of the Trench and Burberry Sport 2010

A couple of days ago I saw in my facebook homepage an awesome album listed in Burberry facebook account. The whole pictures in the aforesaid album blow me away, it made my jaw dropped!. The album was filled with photos of random people who wears the famous Burberry trench (I've always wanted to get a trench coat for myself but the lack of winter or cold season in Indonesia calls off my will to afford one, nyeh!). The photos were taken by The Sartorialist in accordance with Magnum Photos for Burberry - Art of the Trench. So here are some of the photos from facebook, check it out!

For more photos on facebook click here, and for Burberry's facebook account click here. They also got a twitter account where you could stalk'em, and click here for Burberry's twitter account.
Also I found this MAGNIFICENT website regarding the Burberry trench, the name of the website is Burberry - Art of the Trench, and if you have affection as much as I have towards Burberry, you have to open it! and click here for the web page.
One more thing comes from Burberry, they just released the Burberry Sport spring 2010 ad campaign like half a month ago (I know I've been very lame nowadays, the piles of assignments shall hold the accountability), the campaign is starred by Tom Nicon, Lekeliene Stange, Jeremy Young, Emma Maclaren, and Charlie France, so here's the video enjoy!

p.s: I've been looking the Burberry tune for this campaign but I ended up find nothing. Please if any of you aware of the aforesaid tune please let me know, thanks.

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