Tuesday, September 7, 2010

To All The Loves That Bring Us To Life

So what's up folks? I'm really sorry for the hiatus that has been happening here in this blog. You see my third semester just started and I ended up taking 24 credits (which is the maximum credits that a student can take in one semester) where 21 of them are law classes and the 3 remaining credits are liberal arts class. This hecticness couldn't get any worse, seriously! Like I have tons of assignments that ready to be worked during the short holiday, in addition three group presentations are waiting in line woo hoo.

"To all the Loves that bring us to Life"
- The Love of Siam (2007)

So couple of days ago I watched this thailand movie which turns out to be one of the oscar nominee movie back in the 2007. The movie titled The Love of Siam. I found this movie really awesome, despite its gay romance related movie whatsoever. The movie doesn't only revolve around gay romance, NO! it revolves regarding love in general, especially family. It touched me really deep when I watched this movie. I gotta tell you, just because it has a gay scene (though only one kissing scene) you won't watch it, you are so square man. The movie worth more than that, trust me!. I found this blogsite that provides us to stream online this movie, a warn in advance this blogsite contains some adults movie mostly are gay. So click here to directly watch the movie.
Also I have some favorite quotes based on the movie, here it is:

*Mew :"If we love someone so much, will we be able to bear the pain when the day we have to separate, comes?. And if being separated is part of life, and you know it very well. Is it possible, Tong that we can love someone and never be afraid of losing them?. At the same time, I was also wondering. Is it possible that, we can live our entire life without loving anyone at all?. This is my loneliness, I've lived with it for 5 years. How wouldn't I know what loneliness feels like?".

*June :"I spoke with Dad, I have something important to tell you. I've been thinking, how will you make it from now on? But I believe so much that you can make it without me. Because you have so much love for one another. Even though, sometimes, it seems to be too much that we end up hurting each other. But I believe as time goes by we will agree that there's no such thing as "Too much love". Even if we made mistake along the way, it's better to than never having tried to love and be loved. Wouldn't you agree?. Cause life always gives us opportunities to start over after we learn from our mistakes. I hope you take these opportunities and take good care of one another".

Also here it's one of my favorite scene from The love of Siam:

p.s: Try to look on youtube if you unwillingly to open the aforementioned link, though some videos on youtube might not as good as the link I gave.

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