Monday, April 27, 2009

My first Photograph

This(left side) was my first photo hunting,lol.Ayy,i just new to photography so this photo might tore ur eyes,lol.Anyway i used photoshop to change the color tone,and the highlight.I took this photo used my canon slr and using image stabilazer as the lens,and using circular pl as the filter.The girl at the right side of the photo is Dea,a friend of mine.She also loves photography.Oh yeaah,about the place it was taken in the road side of the Fatahilah museum in old city district,central jakarta.
While the other one(Right side) i also used the photoshop and used the same tools.The girl that walks alone is Dhea,while the other two are gabby the one using the white hat and jeans,and Anggi the with a Boheim style.

             I love booth of these photos idea,the photo on the left side is about,a girl crossing the street and a traffic jam at the other side attract her.While the other photo is about thre people crossing the road,but none of'em knows each other.

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