Thursday, May 7, 2009


I am just so grateful that i got a chance to enjoy my high school life with a very wonderful friends.For me friends are way more than just a peopleyou know,above that,friends are like a very wonderful teacher to me,they taught me how to laugh,they taught me how to smile when i'm blue,they taught me how forgiveness is crucial,they taught me how to completing each others,and the most important thing is,they taught me what love and life means.All i wanna say is my high school life just not gonna be the same without you guys,thank you thankyouu very very much to you guys.I owe something really really precious to you guys,and there is no more important things than enjoy my high school life with you guys.In this note also i want to ask your forgiveness about my bitter that might still hurt you,please leave the resentment behinds.And the last still,once again and again i wanna say "I'm so grateful to had a chance to laugh,cry,enjoy,and love with you guys,thanks for everything and thanks for the most precious moments that you all gave me!!".

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