Saturday, October 24, 2009

Elizabeth and Maria

It's been a while since i updated my blog with fashion photographs. So these pictures below were taken like a month ago but yea i had some obstacles concerning many things. So the model this time are Elizabeth and Maria Rahajeng, they were from Bali and now we're in the same university, but different major. I had a very very very fun time during the shoot. I mean all these time i've never use a real model as my object, but finally i got the chance to work with real models. So here are some of the pictures, I'm welcoming critiques and comments, so please enjoy blogger ;)

Elizabeth (left) and Maria (right).
I really love this pic, i got the feel of a real fashion photography here..

Aren't they lovely?

Maria and Elizabeth with kids in Kota Tua, Jakarta.

Soo sex and the city ;p

Maria Rahajeng

Elizabeth Rahajeng

Is it fierce enough?

Elizabeth with the background of Museum Fatahila

Gorgeous isn't it?


So the pictures above were taken in Kota Tua (again). Actually we did the shoot in two different places,and different theme. I'll post the second shoot as fast as i could. So ciao blogger...

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