Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Yes , the wall that i've been holding long enough finally it's tremble. Gak tau kenapa gue berasa hari ini sangat menyedihkan dan melelahkan. It all started when i ditched my brother pre-wed photo shoot and went for attend this stupid class which sadly turned up into HELL. I'm freaking nervous about facing this mid-term thingy , and plus today when i fell into the deepest hole and i was in need of a friend , none of them were there. Yup i finally yelled at the deepest of my heart "I NEED MY HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS SOO BADLY ." I need a friend like what i used to have , friends where i could tell anything and always there when i need them so badly. Right now i feel like i'm all alone in here , all i have right now is my safety little box. I hope i wont have another day like today in a couple of months , at least until the second semester. Hope tomorrow will be better than today..............................

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