Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jennifer An

Jennifer An was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was one of the top four contestant on American Next Top Model Cycle 13, along with Erin they were both eliminated on the 11th episode which is the Pele, Goddess Of Volcanoes episode. I have to admit her last photo shoot on the show was indeed average yet weak, but still as for the whole show her pose was all stunning. From the very first photo shoot, Jennifer has already shows her talent and exquisite body. She's the first Asian model that I'm dying to work with later on.

Jennifer An, Episode 10
Photographed by : Russell James

Jennifer An, Episode 9
Photographed by : Tyara Banks

Jennifer An, Episode 5
Photographed by : Tyara Banks

Jennifer An, Episode 2
Photographed by : Baldomero Fernandez

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