Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Semester two has officially started today, and the assignment for the very first class
of semester two is overwhelming, seriously. Like tons of book need to be read
and summarized. Aside from university hectic thingy, my friend, well i can say my
best friend she went to German this midnight, she's probably in the plane
right now. Although i only known her for year and a half but we've been quite
close to each other, she was also the one who introduced me to the world of photography. Dea is her name, used to be very tomboy but somewhat that personality slowly diminish.

Me and Dea at Festival Kemang 2009

As for Dea : De, di German jaga diri baik-baik yah. Belajar yang rajin,
supaya bisa bikin orang tua, keluarga, guru-guru dan teman-teman disini bangga sama kamu.
Aku juga mau minta maaf tadi engga bisa sampe nunggu sampe boarding.
Insya Allah kalo kita ada umur panjang kita bisa ketemu lagi nanti :)
Good Bye Dea, Take Care yah, I'm Going To Miss You For Sure.
Your Bestfriend,
Taufik. Marasabessy

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