Sunday, March 28, 2010

Brightspot Market

I know Brightspot Market was like what, ages ago? but i feel like if i don't storm my blog with post regarding the event that would be so square. So i went to Brightspot Market with couple of friends, i was expecting something huge from the event but it failed to blow me away, literally. But on the contrary Brightspot was indeed awesome, judging from many jakartan fashion junkies came to the event. The fashion junkies that came to the event were attend stunningly with their own flair, they blew me away. Most of the stores provide only for women, and not too many for men. The decoration was adequate but what i unfortunate for is the venue of the event. Due to the size of the venue, the market was divided into two places connected with small corridor. I didn't take any photos of the item that sold at the market, but hopefully you can be satisfied with the above photos that i took in the course of the event.

More photos on my Facebook, click here :)

p.s: I have received the result of my midterms, and i'm not quite happy for what i've got. I know i should've put more efforts, but i didn't. Oh well, A month to go to the FINAL EXAM (it's beyond fast isn't?) and yet i'm still packed with loads of assignments to work on. Finger crossed for able to brawl with finals in ONE piece.

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