Saturday, September 19, 2009


It has been awhile since i posted last time,btw i want to say sorry first for not posting the "ospek part two"due to the some of the pics are lost T_T.But anyway,how ar u guy doin?my uni life is getting hectic than ever,seriously im about to move to the basecamp for a mootcourt competition on Desember,but rite after mid-term test i gotta move there,the major reason why we gotta move is because we need like 23 hours a day to discuss the issue and one hour to sleep,supreme BLAH isn't it?.So regarding that hecticness i decided to have a photoshoot,and here some of the pics.

Those picts above were taken by me and the model was Uti a girl from the School of Manegment majority Manegement from UPH also.

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