Monday, September 21, 2009


First of all i want to say :

Okay those photos above were again taken and edited by :ME . But the cookies weren't made by me, since i don't get along with kitchens and it companies , the cookies were given by my auntie she baked this all by herself i suppose . Yesterday was lebaran day , after a month fasting lebaran is like a day to revenge for not eating from dusk till dawn (or it's just me who have a thought like this) .Me and my family were pray at Masjid At-tin as usual , but the diffrent was my big brother didn't come for lebaran due to his duty as a Police Officer in Medan , shame for him , lol . But anyway like the previous years my mom did another Open House thingy which made all the maids in the house overwhelmed . We had soto , and bakso for the foods not like other family who served opor and ketupat , my mom thinks that opor and ketupat are already lame for lebaran food , haha yea rite mom . Speaking of open house yep , yesterday there were many of my siblings came to my house and yea we did silaturahmi since it was a sporadic moment to meet almost all the family members at the same time . It was really fun and tiring though...
As for my second day,it went just like another holiday . Me and some members of my family went to eat sushi at Poke Sushi in Crown Plaza Hotel at first , but disappointedly the restaurant was closed due to lebaran , then after we found out about it me decided to go to Gran Melia Hotel to eat there , and thank o God the restaurant was open as it is . I had sushi , sashimi , potato mashed , grilled beef , hainan rice and duck , lamb as my main course (yes i eat alot!) . Then i continued tiramisu , brownise , crepe with ice creams as my dessert , which totally a bliss ! . After filled my tummy with alotta amo we headed back home .

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